The Abundant Soul

The 6-Month Business Coaching Program For Soul-Led Entrepreneurs to Create Consistent $5-10k months

A 6-month online business coaching program that helps wellness and soul-led entrepreneurs create consistent $5-10K months with their business

Learn the exact framework for how I've created over $1 million in sales as a meditation teacher and women's coach!

Hi, I'm Shawna!

I help wellness and soul-led entrepreneurs create businesses that not only create deep transformation for their clients, but also generate sustainable abundant income - matching one's TRUE financial goals.

I do this by helping entrepreneurs:

  • align their energy (thoughts, emotions and beliefs) to their business goals and to abundance, success & empowerment
  • create and set up a business structure that includes services and offerings that can create abundant and reliable income - mainly retreats, workshops, online programs and/or coaching services
  • create or improve their business platforms & the messaging on these platforms (website, Instagram, etc)
  • **and most importantly: set up and launch an automated marketing strategy (also known as a marketing loop) to bring in consistent customers and consistent income

By using this formula myself, I've brought in over $1 million in sales (over the last 4 years) as a meditation teacher and women's coach, while also creating exceptional experiences and transformation within my clients and customers.

I believe that the world can only benefit from more wellness and healing work and that when doing this work as a soul-led entrepreneur, we don't need to struggle within our business to create the income and impact we desire.

Whether you're just starting your business from the ground up or you're looking to improve and increase revenue, The Abundant Soul can help you reach these goals. I'd love to help you! 🖤



3 Step Roadmap

The exact 3-step framework to create & launch your signature offers & automated marketing strategy, broken down into 8 core modules

Coaching Videos

Pre-recorded coaching videos for every module. Follow along as I explain step-by-step, all module content

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls

Get coached LIVE every week on everything from strategy & mindset to signature offers, webpages, tech, messaging & ads!

PDF Content & Workbooks

Get detailed PDFs and workbooks for each module to help simplify the steps of the 3-phase roadmap. PLUS submit them & receive written feedback for all your work

Copywriting Editing

Receive editing on the copy written for your signature offer, landing pages/sales pages and website pages

Energy Alignment Routines & MP3 Meditations

The exact energy alignment morning routine I've done for 5+ years & all MP3 meditations to create your own daily routine


Save time by working from done-for-you templates (includes signature offer templates, landing pages/sales pages, FB & IG ad templates, and more)

Private FB Community

A private clients-only Facebook group to ask questions, share experiences and connect with other soul-led entrepreneurs




As you work through the program, bring any questions you have to the weekly LIVE drop-in group coaching calls - choose one of the two times above. Receive LIVE coaching on business strategy & structure, branding, offer creation, landing & sales pages, website & copywriting, online program building, marketing strategy, tech questions, ads set-up, launching an analyzing, social media, mindset and more! If unable to make these LIVE calls, direct messaging and email support with Shawna is available to answer questions.

"Since being in the program I’ve created an 8 week online program that continues to sell out each time I run it, bringing in over $10,000 each time."

"Working with Shawna in her business coaching program has been so inspiring. It helped me to step out of my comfort zone, believe in myself and actually create and run services I'm passionate about and provide so much value to my clients. Since being in the program I’ve created an 8 week online program that continues to sell out each time I run it, bringing in over $10,000 each time. I am now looking into creating a retreat around the framework of my program and Shawna has been in my corner since the beginning! She is encouraging and well-experienced. What I really enjoyed about the program was the clarity and step by step guidance. This program with Shawna’s assisted support was exactly what I needed to get my program out into the world. There was just so much that she thought of when creating this coaching program. It exceeded my expectations!

- Michelle Bilinski, Yoga Teacher & Therapist

"I started working with Shawna in the summer of 2023. We created my website, and retreat products, and within 2 months I had SOLD OUT results!"

"My coaching experience with Abundant Soul by Shawna Thibodeau has been transformative and delightful. Coming from providing service in the health care sector with basic computer skills, I am now creating and publishing my offerings and products in a professional and time efficient manner with amazing results. I started working with Shawna in the summer of 2023. We created my website, and day retreat products, and within 2 months I had SOLD OUT results! I'm now working on an online program to add to my offerings. From visioning to developing curriculum for my products to customizing, growing my community, and advertising, Shawna has been guiding me every step of the way. My learning and experience with Abundant Soul by Shawna Thibodeau has been truly satisfying and fulfilling as well as sustainable, gaining confidence to continue this work independently. The delightful part of working with Shawna is that she is a kind soul while dedicated to coaching with tangible outcomes and results for her clients. I feel at ease working with her at every turn. I strongly recommend the investment in the Abundant Soul by Shawna Thibodeau for you on your business journey.

- Wendy Ziemiak, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher

"Since joining The Abundant Soul, I've created a website and Instagram, grown my email list to over 300 people, I've created a weekly service with over 15 participants each week and just created an online program that I received my first registrant for!"

"I signed up for The Abundant Soul and from day one I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the program. It was packed full of valuable information. I am so grateful that I found Shawna. Since joining the program I've created a website and Instagram, grown my email list to over 300 people, I've created a weekly service with over 15 participants each week and just created an online program that I received my first registrant for! My business is slowly and steadily growing and I owe this all to her. Shawna is definitely an expert in her field. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of business and she will be with you from the first day you join until your business is up and running. I thoroughly love working with her. Shawna is an excellent guide, mentor, motivator and is constantly encouraging. She is driven, focused and an extremely hard worker. You will find her work to be of excellent quality. I highly recommend this course if you are planning on starting your own business. Shawna will help you find your passion and bring it to reality. You will find her and The Abundant Soul Business Coaching program to be outstanding!"

- Lyndie Kennedy, Meditation Teacher

"I’m almost a year into running my spiritual business and I've made multiple five figures with the online coaching program that I built."

"It was in Shawna's first program, Radiant Mind Academy that I discovered my soul purpose and finally knew I wanted to open a business in (coaching). Her business coaching then helped me to catapult my business. I’m almost a year into running my spiritual business and I've made multiple five figures with the online coaching program that I built. Her approach is quite refreshing compared to the cookie cutter one size fits all business bundles out there! Shawna is AMAZING. She knows her stuff. Working with Shawna was an absolute pleasure. She is always so caring and genuinely wants to help you succeed. I highly recommend working with Shawna. It will be a pivotal moment for you in the transformation of your life and business!"

- Lauren Holder, Energy Healer

A step-by-step, 3-phase program...

The Abundant Soul includes three phases with the exact steps I made to my wellness business to bring in consistent $5K months, then consistent $10K months and now consistent $20K+ months. These include:


Align Your Energy

One of the most important things I've done as a successful entrepreneur is continually align my mind and my energy to abundance and empowerment using quick daily practices, as well as working with limiting beliefs and doubts when they arise. These practices have been 100% life-shifting for my business as well as my overall life. Aligning your energy involves catching fear and scarcity-based thoughts & beliefs systems and realigning your thoughts, beliefs & energy to the vibration of abundance, freedom, prosperity, wholeness, and love. I have seen an absolute direct relationship in business success when I commit to aligning my energy to abundance.


Create Your Signature Offers

Create a business structure that includes unique high or mid-ticket signature offers that capture your skills, knowledge and gifts as a leader, teacher, healer, coach, guide or practitioner AND creates a high-impact, meaningful and transformational experience with your client. Recommended services include retreats, workshops, online programs and/or online coaching services. This phase also includes creating or improving your platforms such as a website, a business Instagram, and an email list and ensuring these platforms are connected and working together.


Launch Your Automated Marketing Strategy

Aligned clients need to be able to find you! Most wellness and holistic entrepreneurs I meet do not have an implemented marketing strategy that is working. An automated marketing strategy involves marketing through FB & IG ads that run 24/7 and connect to a marketing loop that brings in clients in a hands-off, automated way. No more chasing to find clients, running endless classes or 1:1 sessions and creating endless social media posts. Set up a marketing strategy that creates registrations & sign ups on autopilot.

(NOTE: If you're just starting your business, we'll start with one-two smaller offers and we'll set up a business structure and marketing strategy that's appropriate for a new business)

A little bit about me...

From 2014-2018, I was a nurse and meditation teacher, teaching meditation classes on the side of my nursing career.

Deep down, I knew I wasn't fully aligned with being a nurse and I knew I wanted to help others with mental, emotional and spiritual health by teaching the holistic and spiritual practices that had helped me so much on my own personal journey.

Back then though, I had no clue how to shift that passion into a sustainable, full-time income.

In 2019 after reaching burnout in my nursing career, I KNEW I wanted to go all in with my wellness business and attempt to make it my full-time income.

My first goal? ... To hit consistent $5K months to replace my nursing income.

That year, I invested in training programs and completely shifted my business structure and business approach. I implemented three very specific things...

  • I began aligning my mind & energy to my goals: I became hugely interested in law-of-attraction, manifestation & co-creation work and began diligently applying manifestation practices each day to my business goals and dreams
  • I created unique high and mid-ticket signature offers: to replace drop-in classes and one-off sessions, I created an online coaching program and retreats that helped women reach greater peace, self-love and empowerment within (***you do not need to create a coaching program to reach consistent $5-10k months - mid-ticket offers such as day retreats can also get you there when set up correctly)
  • I created an automated marketing strategy (also known as a marketing loop): that created a hands-off, automated approach to making sales, growing my business, growing my social media, and growing my email list - this is an essential piece of the puzzle and there's 3 different styles of ads to choose from that you can implement into your marketing loop!

Once these changes were implemented and running, not only did I see results, but my clients did too!

My clients loved the longer-term, group program structure as well as my mid-ticket offers and they had deeper experiences, and greater inner transformation.

Switching to this structure also vastly created the financial results within my business that I desired.

In 2020, I hit consistent $5k/months within my business, allowing me to leave my nursing position.

In 2021, I created consistent $10k months.

In 2022, with my signature offers, my average monthly income was $30K, bringing in over $425,000 in sales that year and in 2023, I'm celebrating hitting over $1 million in sales over the last 4 years.

Did I create an abundant soul-led biz? Most definitely!

The best part about my adopted approach is that it relies on automated marketing.

This means business growth and sales are happening in a hands-off and auto-pilot way, not relying solely on social media content, word-of-mouth, running endless classes or doing multiple LIVE launches.

My business runs for me instead of me running exhaustedly for it.

My passion now is helping other soul-led entrepreneurs implement this structure to build a business they are passionate about, creates deep transformation with their clients AND meets their true financial goals.

If you're a soul-led entrepreneur in the wellness, holistic or spiritual field, I welcome you to the Abundant Soul Business Coaching program!

Within the Abundant Soul program, I walk you step-by-step through implementing and creating everything that's within my 3-part framework.

Over 6 months you'll align your mind & energy to your goals, create and launch your signature offers and implement an automated marketing strategy that successfully brings in consistent clients and consistent income. The best part? I provide weekly coaching, feedback and accountability to help you with every step of the process :)

Let's get started!

"I’m proud to say, with Shawna’s help, I have finally built and launched my first bigger offering (an online yoga & consciousness program) that I've now run three times and generated greater monthly income each time."

"Investing is Shawna’s coaching program has been one of the best decision I’ve made for myself! Her extensive knowledge, care and understanding of what it takes to build your passion is impressive to say the least. I had been sitting on my passions and ideas not knowing how to move forward for over 5 years. When I saw that Shawna was offering a program to help bring these ideas to life, I did not hesitate. Her program is easy to follow and offers incredible insights on how to build a thriving business based on her first hand experience. She also offers endless support and encouragement which truly helped me get through some heavy self doubts and uncertainties I faced along the way. I’m proud to say, with Shawna’s help, I have finally built and launched my first bigger offering (an online yoga & consciousness program) that I've now run three times and generated greater monthly income each time. I continue to grow and expand my passion projects with greater ease and awareness having taken Shawna’s course and am running my program again in one month. I look forward to continue working with Shawna and am ever grateful for her continued support! "

- Natalie Rogers, Yoga Teacher

"Since being in the program I now run monthly soul circle classes and retreats, I've signed my first two higher-ticket private coaching clients and I'm currently building my first online program!"

"I am so grateful for Shawna’s guidance and the learnings within her business coaching program. Shawna’s course takes you step-by-step through building confidence in your craft, tips for growing your community and creating your offer from start to finish. Since being in the program I now run monthly soul circle classes and retreats, I've signed my first two higher-ticket private coaching clients and I'm currently building my first online program! Her group coaching calls are a great way to build confidence, get feedback, share experiences with others and not feel alone in the journey to entrepreneurship. I am SO happy I said yes. This course is just what I needed. Thank you so much Shawna!"

- Meredith Litchy, Yoga Teacher & Women's Coach



(MODULES 1 & 2)


  • The art of manifestation & co-creation: How to align your mind & energy to create abundance in your soul-led business
  • My daily abundance routine - the exact routine I've used for the last four years to create consistent abundance in my business
  • Understanding how your mind blocks your goals and true desires - Identifying limiting beliefs, scarcity, your ego mind & your wounded inner child
  • How to re-parent your inner child to shift out of self-sabotage & step into empowering belief systems that align with your goals & visions
  • How to use EFT tapping practices for shedding stress, doubt, fear & anxiety


  • The Abundant Mind Workbook + Your Manifestation & Co-Creation Daily Routine
  • The 'SOS' Energy Shifting Workbook: Working With Fear, Stress & Scarcity as an Entrepreneur + Stepping Back Into Empowered Beliefs
  • 5 MP3 Guided Meditations for Abundance & Manifestation
  • 5 MP3 Guided Meditations for Healing the Inner Child, Self-Worth, Shifting Challenging Emotions & Shifting Limiting Beliefs Systems




  • Solidifying your brand + learning the different business structures to create consistent $5-10k months and $10K+ months
  • How to decide on your own business structure and your signature offer(s): what best suits your business, your goals and the impact you want to create
  • Step-by-step process to planning out & creating your signature offers (online coaching program or retreats)
  • How low-ticket offers (classes & workshops) can support your business but learn how to structure them in way that acts as a funnel and creates abundance versus keeping you financially stuck
  • Pricing your offers - looking at your personal & financial goals and using specific pricing formula to gain clarity on your price points
  • Website, landing page creation & copywriting - creating a high-converting website + creating offer sales pages that capture the true experience and value of your offers
  • Bringing your offers to life: all the backend tech of creating and setting up an online program/online group coaching program, workshops & retreats - step-by-step PDFs and videos about creating a program platform, creating course modules, recording coaching videos, email automation + mastering the flow of running a group coaching program or a private 1:1 coaching program


  • Creating Your Signature Offers Workbook
  • Landing Pages & Copywriting Workbook
  • Done-For-You TEMPLATES of all my offer Landing Pages
  • Copywriting feedback & editing for all workbooks and landing pages/website pages created
  • Done-For-You MODULE TEMPLATES for online programs - no need to build your modules from scratch! Use my already written module templates to begin building yours


(MODULES 7 & 8)


  • Understanding the automated marketing strategy and the marketing loop - determining which marketing structure suits your business and why
  • Creating & setting up your automated marketing funnel and the marketing loop
  • How to install, launch and run Facebook & Instagram ads - what kinds of ads to use for your business structure (they do not need to be DM style ads)
  • Analyzing ad results & how to troubleshoot your ads
  • How to scale your marketing with tested ads for greater monthly income
  • Growing your social media following & email list on autopilot with your automated marketing strategy
  • The minimalist social strategy - learn how use social media to amplify your brand while keeping time & energy invested on it low


  • Automated Marketing Workbook
  • Minimalist Social Workbook
  • Done-For-You Funnel Landing page TEMPLATES
  • Done-For-You Ad TEMPLATES on Canva
  • Done-For-You Social Media Copywriting PDF Booklet - receive a 100+ page booklet of my past social media post copy for selling online programs, classes, workshops, retreats, etc.
  • Done-For-You Email Marketing PDF - receive a PDF booklet of email copywriting templates for marketing online programs, classes, workshops and retreats

Abundant Soul Bonus Section

Creating SOLD OUT Retreats, Events & Workshops

If you want your signature or secondary offer to be a workshop, event, circle or wellness retreat (half-day, day long, weekend or weeklong), this section is for you! Learn how to create consistent $5-10k months by creating & offering these fun, transformational & rewarding experiences!

Workshops, classes, events and retreats can also work amazing as "funnel services" - i.e. services that lead clients to working with you in a deeper capacity like a coaching program. It's important though to make sure they flow with your business structure and are set up in a way that creates sustainability and abundance. Learn it all in this bonus section!

(But P.S. You can also make consistent $5-10k months without a coaching program)


YOU'LL LEARN: Creating & crafting the offer for a workshop, event, circle or half-day, full-day, weekend or weeklong retreat


  • The Classes, Workshops, Circles & Events Workbook
  • The Running Retreats Workbook
  • Pricing framework for retreats, events, circles & workshops


YOU'LL LEARN: The art of running a half-day, full-day, weekend or weeklong retreat or an event or workshop


  • Example itineraries/schedules for all options
  • Checklist for running all options to ensure you've arranged and covered all bases
  • All the backend tech to create seamless registrations


YOU'LL LEARN: How to set up and launch your automated marketing strategy to create sold out retreats, workshops and events and bring in consistent $5-10K months through this offer


  • Understanding the 'Marketing Loop' PDF - learn the crucial elements to creating long-term financial sustainability through your marketing strategy
  • Done-For-You Ad Templates for Retreats, Workshops & Events


  • Website from Scratch: How to build a professional, branded website quickly & easily
  • Instagram Academy: Building an Instagram account from the ground, up to support your offers and your brand
  • ***Social Media Posts Vault***: 100 pages of my own social media copywriting for past offers and online coaching programs for you to use as templates! Save so much time on social media marketing with this document


Happening weekly on Wednesday nights, these optional online "practice circles" are a place to come out and practice the energy alignment skills within phase 1 of The Abundant Soul. Circles include the most effective practices that I've found to heal, to connect inwards, to connect to inner wisdom and to step into greater alignment and greater states of love, joy, inner peace, freedom, abundance and empowerment. 

With registration into any version of The Abundant Soul, comes a 6-month membership to these online soul circles!


  • Ready to implement a step by step proven process to grow your soul-led/holistic/wellness business
  • Ready to stop selling low ticket or charging hourly rates and are ready to transition into a high-income, high-impact signature offer model (these can be mid-ticket or high-ticket offers)
  • Ready to learn step by step how to sign new clients and customers step by step without the social media hustle
  • Ready to invest into your business and your growth
  • Eager to provide impact & transformation for your clients through signature offers
  • Passionate about your holistic business and ready to take it to the next level


  • You want to make passive income without working directly with clients
  • You don't want to spend money on paid advertisement (fb™ & ig™ ads)
  • You don't want to put in the back-end work to set up an automated process that delivers income on autopilot
  • You aren’t yet aware of what your skills are as a teacher, coach, healer, practitioner and how you could provide impact for your clients

Have questions related to any of these? Send me a DM on Instagram!

Apply to The Abundant Soul

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Do-It-Yourself Digital

Register and receive instant access into The Abundant Soul Program platform! Work through the program at your own pace. Lifetime access to all material and all workbooks.

**NOTE: Does not include access to weekly coaching calls, Facebook group, workbook feedback or email/DM messaging with Shawna

Lifetime Access To:

  • The Abundant Soul Online Program Platform & Curriculum
  • All program workbooks
  • All additional resources including sales page templates, email marketing templates, social media copywriting PDF booklet, etc.
  • 6 months membership access to weekly LIVE online soul circles!

***If needing extra support, upgrade to the 6-Month Coaching Immersion at any time


Group Coaching Immersion

Register and receive instant access into The Abundant Soul Program platform! Plus, 6 months of coaching support to help you brainstorm, create and launch your new business structure and automated marketing strategy! I'm with you every step of the way.

Lifetime Access To:

  • The Abundant Soul Online Program Platform & Curriculum
  • All program workbooks & additional resources

6 Months Access To:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Coaching support, review and feedback on: Business Structure Creation, Workbook Submissions, Copywriting for all Offers, Landing Pages & Sales Pages, Automated Marketing Strategy Launching, Review, Analysis & Feedback
  • Email & DM messaging with Shawna
  • Weekly LIVE online soul circles

Unsure if The Abundant Soul is the right fit?

Send me a message on Instagram (@shawnathibodeau) or an email to We can chat about your ideas/your business to see if the program is in alignment with you.